Message from Leader, Simon Bridges

For me, Christmas is a time of family and friends, a little bit of downtime and to get that work-life balance back into perspective.

And maybe eating a little bit much but enjoying that anyway.

New Zealand at Christmas is a magnificent place. It’s a time where we can really see the best of New Zealand on display.

Have a great time, make sure that you’re safe, particularly on our roads and on our waterways, which can present a little bit of danger if we are not careful.

Thank you for your support this past year. 2019 is going to bring in a significant and busy year for all of us.

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year. With very best wishes for 2019.

SuperBlues in Great Heart

SuperBlues around the country are in great heart going into the festive season with enthusiasm reflected in public opinion polling that has National convincingly the majority party.

Activity from the top of the North Island to the tip of the South Island has been steady and SuperBlues Chair Colleen Singleton and Deputy Chair James Austin have maintained a frenetic pace visiting MPs from both islands and attending SuperBlues meetings.
Colleen emphasises that while SuperBlues looks to encourage support for the Party and maintain social interaction within communities, the focus is on “having fun” together with like-minded friends and associates.

She says that when meeting with the South Island and CNI MPs there was enthusiasm for their morning tea or luncheon electorate activities coming under the SuperBlues banner.

“SuperBlues are National Party members and supporters 60+ National at Heart. Our age group is the biggest voting group. Those attending a SuperBlues meeting have the opportunity to meet their local MP and a visiting MP or someone involved in local issues. They are great places to make and chat with friends, and keep up to date with the views of like-minded people. And it is fun!”

Colleen adds: “There’s no regimentation with SuperBlues. We encourage our groups to meet under the SuperBlues banner open to all members’ friends and associates but we’re not sticklers for rules and regulations when our groups are happy with the arrangements they have in place.”

SuperBlues website

Our SuperBlues website has been set up at Developing a new website is always a challenge and we are creating new material for it.

Have your say campaign

The National Party is in listening mode and you are encouraged to go to the SuperBlues website and complete the “Seniors Have your Say” questionnaire. It asks basic questions that are important for National to take into account when developing policy for seniors. 

Says Colleen: “We know that all policy relates to seniors – we have children and grandchildren who are affected by all policies. You may want to complete the families’ questionnaire at The Have your Say campaign is part of the process to develop policy for the 2020 election. The Policy Advisory Groups will be holding meetings in the regions and your electorate newsletter will keep you up to date with this development. We encourage you to be involved.

Your National SuperBlues committee wish you and your families an enjoyable festive season and abundance in 2019.”

Morale boosting activity levels

Cheering reports are coming in of SuperBlues gatherings that reflect a growth in strength and numbers:

The drive for growth in Auckland under Lee Mathias’ stewardship has been impressive, as reflected in the launch of Northcote’s first SuperBlues meeting attended by more than 90 seniors. Local MP Dan Bidois and guest speaker Mark Mitchell MP for Rodney spoke in a relaxed atmosphere and highlighted how National is holding the coalition administration to account. A second meeting is planned early in the New Year with the morning tea setting proving a winner with Northcote seniors.

Wellington Metro SuperBlues were enthused with an impressive presentation on the environment by Erica Stanford, MP for East Coast Bays. Wide-ranging questions delved into the detail of the issues facing the country over the next 50 years. Our Leader, Simon Bridges, will be attending a sold-out meeting of the Metro group this month.

The new Mana SuperBlues group were enlightened about what is happening in the early childhood sector from Nicola Willis, List MP from Wellington.

Wairarapa SuperBlues enjoyed hearing from Dan Bidois, MP for Northcote, at their inaugural meeting. This is a large rural electorate and the challenge is being able to include all our Party members and supporters.

Napier and Tukituki SuperBlues were entertained and informed by Chris Bishop, MP for Hutt South. Chris is travelling the country holding well-attended meetings regarding gun control. The two electorate SuperBlues meet together from time to time as well as having their individual electorate meetings.

Palmerston North and Rangitikei electorates have combined to form the Manawatu SuperBlues group and they are up and running. They meet together every couple of months and are looking to expand in 2019.

Highlights for our Hutt Valley group included a speech by MP Judith Collins and insights from the American Ambassador into American politics.

Otaki is scheduled to have its first meeting in the New Year.

Canterbury/Westland SuperBlues and other groups are meeting in the electorates with Roger Bridge managing the growth in the area until a coordinator is appointed.

Southern electorates SuperBlues groups are active and meeting regularly.

Colleen Singleton and James Austin are meeting with the CNI MPs regarding SuperBlues and have had a positive response from all electorates. With the support of SuperBlues we expect that each CNI electorate can increase the Party Vote by at least 1,000 in each electorate. Board member Pat Seymour is the CNI SuperBlues Co-ordinator.

SuperBlues Contacts:

Colleen Singleton, Chair: | Tel 027 200 0066

James Austin, Deputy Chair: | Tel 027 286 1544

Lee Mathias, Northern Co-Ordinator: | Tel 021 678 350

Pat Seymour, Central North Island Co-Ordinator: | Tel 06 862 2697

Alison Lawson, Lower North Island Co-Ordinator: | Tel 021 873 3175

Roger Bridge, Canterbury/Westland: | Tel 03 377 7417

Robyn Broughton, Southern Co-Ordinator: | Tel 021 127 9812


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